Richmond Books Examiner reviews Wendy's book

Margaret Oleksa of the Richmond Books Examiner reviewed Wendy McCaig’s first book, From the Sanctuary to the Streets: How the Dreams of One City’s Homeless Sparked a Faith Revolution That Transformed a Community.

Here is a sample of what Oleksa had to say:

“The beauty of the From the Sanctuary to the Streets story is not a one-directional mission of rich giving to the poor. The real story is how, through mission, the people in this book were given the opportunity to get to know homeless individuals, and ones transitioning out of shelters. They learned about the real issues so many face, and how their intense faith and strong character made the volunteers the students, and the shelter residents the teachers. By working together and learning from each other, the end result is so powerful, the message is nothing short of inspiring.

Wendy McCaig gives a vision of hope and shows how individual dreams can become a reality to make a positive difference. The work of the Christian Community can be found outside the walls of the traditional church. Do not read From the Sanctuary to the Streets if you want to stay glued to your chair; only read it if you want to be inspired to take action.”

Read the entire review here.

You can find Wendy’s book on, Wipf and Stock Publishers and at various book signings throughout the year.  We will post more information on those as they are planned.

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