As a young organization, we have several board members who have seen Embrace Richmond grow from a group of women asking the question, “If we could do anything for God and knew we couldn’t fail, what would we do?” to an organization with staff and volunteers working to answer this question. We are seeing these dreams come to life and the spirit of this original quest is daily touching the lives of many.

As a founding board member, Becky Kiraly Qualls watched Embrace Richmond grow from a small women’s ministry to a ministry that bridges people of every race, class, and religious background from across this city. Becky served in many ways: she was an encourager to many single mothers, she served as both our Vice Chairman and Chairman of the board, but the most significant contribution she made was her steadfast commitment to pray for Embrace, our staff and those we serve from the very beginning. Through her guidance, leadership, and most of all, love, Becky has helped encourage Embrace Richmond to grow and change communities from within.

It is with sadness and gratitude that I announce that Becky has decided it is time to step down from the Embrace Board where she has served for over six years. While she will be leaving the board, she has assured me that she will continue to be our most faithful prayer warrior and that she will continue to encourage others. Becky writes,

“My involvement with Embrace has changed my life in profound and wonderful ways. I can’t thank you enough for allowing me to partner with you on this journey. I pray that our Lord will continue being your strength, your protection, and your inspiration.”

As much as it saddens me to say goodbye to Becky, I am excited to share that Don Reich has agreed to assume responsibilities as our new Chairman of the board. Don has served as a volunteer and supporter of Embrace for years. He has seen, firsthand, the difference caring individuals can make in the lives of others and is excited to help guide the organization to the next level.  Don is a member of Brandermill Church and retired from the defense industry. He brings years of wisdom, insight and heart to our leadership and I am very excited to work with him.

“It has been wonderful watching over the last several years the growth of Embrace Richmond and the people with whom we work as they improve their community and their lives. Now, after joining the board and having the opportunity to serve as its Chairman, I look forward to the opportunities we have to increase and expand how we serve our citizens,” Don explains.

Please join Embrace in wishing Becky all the best and welcoming Don to his next life’s adventure!

Don Reich becomes Embraces new Chairman