A Faith Filled Gift – St. Mark's United Methodist Church

A Faith Filled Gift – St. Mark's United Methodist Church

The lovely ladies from St. Mark’s United Methodist Church, led by Laura Wert, shared a wonderful gift with the women of Hillside Court.  Hillside resident Deneka Green (featured in this photo), shared this reflection and words of appreciation.

We went to The Women of Faith Conference in Washington, D.C.  It was wonderful even before we got on the highway.  We were introduced to the other women who were going with us on this mini vacation.  We had prayer and were given two beautiful t-shirts.  We were on our way.

I didn’t expect to meet these other women.  But after meeting them, they were really great people.  We had some nice conversations on the van.

When I first heard about us going, I was happy because I was getting away for a day or night. But then, I thought about it.  I didn’t even know what Women of Faith was.  I wondered if this was going to be for me.  But, when I got there and listened to Lisa Harper, Lori Robertson, Natalie Grant and the worship team, and I can’t forget Mr. Henry Cloud and Mr. Ken Davis,  I knew what this conference was all about then.  It really touched my heart.  Before I left for the conference, I was going through some things and depressed. But, after being there at that conference and listening  and hearing wonderful stories, my depression was behind me.

I enjoyed every word, but really enjoyed MaryMary.  I love that group. I even bought their book.  I liked it when they sang “I Cried My Last Tear Yesterday.”  I want to thank Ms. Walker.  I especially want to thank our partners (the ladies from St. Mark’s) for giving us this wonderful experience and making this conference possible for us.  I really appreciate all they did for us.  I hope we can go again next year.

So, that’s my experience.  Thanks from the bottom of my heart.

Deneka Green

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