Embrace Richmond couldn’t survive without volunteers who want to make a difference in the lives of their neighbors. Equally important are those community minded individuals willing to give resources to Embrace. We are incredibly thankful for those willing to donate and invest, not only their money, but their heart into the work we do.

One such person is literally an investor.  Kevin Nentwich, owner of Financial Consultants of America, has supported Embrace Richmond for nearly a year. “I wanted to support something locally,” he says, “and I was pointed to Wendy and Embrace Richmond. I started reading her blogs and doing my own research and realized I wanted to meet her and learn more.” That partnership has proved to be a winning combination.

Mr. Nentwich has spent time not only learning more about Embrace, but seeing first hand the work it does. “That’s partly why its so meaningful to me,” he continues, “I know that Wendy is out in the field seeing people eyeball to eyeball, and then getting involved myself and meeting some of the folks who have been touched by Embrace….it’s just a fantastic thing to know you have made a difference in someone’s life.”

It is through the generosity of Kevin, and others like him, that Embrace is able to support individuals, who might otherwise be unemployable, and give them valuable work experience while improving the living conditions of their own community.   This idea matches the philosophy of Financial Consultants of America, who want to see local support build upon itself.  Any investor wants to see the value of their stock or bond go up, likewise, investing in an organization that can triple the value of any dollar made is a smart investment into people.

Though modest about his assistance, Kevin is willing to also provide some advice behind the scenes. “We need to get more people involved in Embrace Richmond. This is something that people need to see firsthand in order to really understand the differences that are being made.” The working relationship between him and Wendy is quite the match he notes: “Look, Wendy has an amazing dream. She’s an artist at what she does. I may not be able to tell an artist how to paint, but I know how to sell paintings. That’s how I can help.”