Today, the Embrace family said our final farewell to our dear brother Alphonso Henry, who went on to be with the lord.  For those of you who never had the privilege of meeting Alphonso, you missed out on pure joy.  Alphonso had a smile that just made your heart leap and a spirit that refused to give up.

This video was shot this past August after Alphonso was released from the hospital and sent home to spend his final weeks with his loved ones.  However, as you will see, lying around waiting to die was not in Alphonso’s nature.

As Alphonso’s brother reminded us at the funeral today, Alphonso is no longer in pain and I hope his laugh will ease the pain his loved ones feel at his loss.

When I think of Alphonso, it is his smile that will live on in my memory forever.  I think he would want us all to smile when we remember him and his beautiful spirit.

(to view the unedited version of this interview click here)