Every day in the community of Hillside I get to work alongside a lot of spirited people who have lost their ability to dream.  The light of hope has flickered away.  What I love most about Embrace Richmond is the ability to relight that candle of hope.  I’ve been working alongside a young lady whose candle has been relit.  Ms. Katheryn Harris came to the recreation center in search of employment and has been a regular attendant to the cooking team ever since.  She’s has shown so such dedication and motivation that it’s hard to remember her without her light shining. Her smile and warmth light up the room and the hearts of those she both serves and serves alongside.

Like many in her community, employment is still her goal but being active in service is her passion.  If you are an employer looking for a special person with a kind heart and one dedicated to serving others, Kathryn is the right choice for you.  Please see the attached resume for Katheryn Harris for details on Katheryn’s gifts and experience.  For references, please feel free to contact Charles at charles@embracerichmond.org or Wendy at wendy@embracerichmond.org.