Denise Williams-Lenard was introduced to Embrace through the Family Team leader, Patrice Shelton. As a new resident, Denise was given a welcome bucket by the care team and was invited to join the family team to “explore and go on mission with them” building stronger families in Hillside Court.  Since that first visit, Denise has been participating on the team and quickly moved into a leadership position.

Denise’s heart and willingness to serve her neighbors got the attention of the Embrace leadership team and she was asked to lead a Community-wide Hospitality Team.  Denise eagerly accepted this position.  She simply wanted to help Embrace spread love in and outside the community.  After all, in her opinion, how would others know what Embrace is about if she didn’t step outside the box? Denise felt strongly that “folks need to know that there’s help out there for them if they are willing to put forth the effort”.

Denise’s dream for the Hospitality Team over the next three months is for the Hillside Recreation Center to be a place where people can feel at home, have their mind be at ease; where they would feel welcome and loved – in a word, feel Embraced!  We have no doubt that with Denise leading this group, more people will feel inspired to dream with her.

Please join us in welcoming our latest dreamer to the Embrace Team.  Over the next few months, we will be helping Denise build a Dream Team in the community to work alongside her.  Please pray for Denise and all our emerging leaders.