The Embrace Richmond sign is up on our new location at 113 W. Brookland Park Boulevard and our wonderful team of neighborhood volunteers is hard at work painting and making repairs to the facility.  To the 85 donors that supported our “30 Days of Embrace Campaign,” we want to say “thank you” for your generous support.  We raised $10,130 which will cover the rent, utilities, furnishings and repairs for the next year.

While we have not moved our offices into the new space yet, several of our group have begun meeting in the new building.  One of the first teams to use the space is our Brookland Park Prayer Team which gathers every Thursday at 12:30 to pray for our neighbors, area businesses, and the growing health of the Brookland Park corridor.

In the past few months on Brookland Park we’ve seen many changes.  One of the most heartbreaking realities that we have witnessed is the number of businesses that have opened and closed in a short period of time.   This is a very difficult place to do business but the long-term health and vitality of the entire north side is impacted by the health of this commercial corridor.   We are working with the area merchants association to discern how we can support local businesses and the overall vision the merchants have for this commercial district.

You can join this prayer team in three ways:

1.  Join us on Brookland Park at 12:30 any Thursday.

2.  Sign up to receive the weekly prayer requests via email by contacting

3.  Visit our Facebook page every Friday for a list of this week’s celebrations and concerns.

Thank you in advance for your on-going support and prayers for the work that God is and will do in the coming year along Brookland Park Boulevard.