By Forrest White

In the basement of All Souls Presbyterian Church, our Northside team leaders wrestled with a familiar question – Where have you seen God at work?

Anita told of having heard God speak directly to her.

“God said, ‘You have an agenda. I have a plan.’”

God’s message brought Anita peace and clarity about her work and the ability to let go of her plan and allow the spirit to move in unexpected ways.

For Sadie, it hasn’t been about expanding, it was about letting go.

She shared,

“I feel lighter, a whole lot lighter, and still able to love.”

All Souls Pastor Brent, who supports this team of neighborhood leaders, praised God for protecting him when he fell from a ladder. There were bumps and bruises, but it could have been much worse.

God spoke to him through a devotional written by Oswald Chambers.

“Its basic message was, ‘Do you trust in God or trust in people?’” Brent said.

Everyone around the table agreed. We need to focus our trust on God.

Wendy told the leaders about her emotional morning, as a burden she had been carrying brought her to her knees during a time of prayer.

“How do we take the pain of people hurting us and still love like Jesus?” Wendy asked.

There was silence around the table.

Wendy looked to Monica.

“You embody that,” she said. “I see God in you.”

Surely, God’s presence was in this place.

As we move into the busy season of summer, seeking to reach young people who will be Dream Catchers who build relationships with their neighbors, we acknowledge that the road won’t always be straight. It won’t always be smooth.

But we know that God goes before us down that road, beside us along that road, behind us to push us farther on that road, and above us to watch over us as we travel that road.

Neighborhood transformation is a slow and often challenging process. It is made so much sweeter when we take the time to reflect with our co-laborers on God’s work in our lives and in our respective ministries.

Neighborhood leader huddles like this one are happening in neighborhoods across Metro Richmond and are an important part of Embrace Richmond’s leadership development process.

Where have you seen God at work in your neighborhood?

We pray you have faithful co-laborers around you to celebrate, console, and most importantly embrace you on this journey.

To learn about joining an existing leadership huddle in your area or to learn how to start one, contact Wendy McCaig at