Community Reveals Its Dream Catcher Dreams

Community Reveals Its Dream Catcher Dreams

“Never underestimate a community that cares” was a common theme at the convening meeting at All Souls Presbyterian on Sept. 3.

Lead by the amazing Essie Reinke, a handful of teens decided to help their local neighborhoods as they begin to focus on their future. This past summer Embrace Richmond sponsored a group of teens to connect and communicate with their six neighborhoods.

All Souls meetingThe Dream Catcher Listening Project was created to listen to the hopes and dreams of these local neighborhoods.

For over six weeks 21 children individually interviewed their neighbors and made personal profiles for each person.

Cherell Williams, a member of the Dream Catcher project, discussed how diverse the neighborhoods were and their separate hopes for the future. She described that while many neighborhoods hoped for a friendlier atmosphere, most neighborhoods main hope was safety and security.

“When I think of a neighborhood, I don’t want a group of strangers – I want a family,” she said while presenting her project.

All Souls meetingShe talked about how much she had grown by caring about her neighborhood, spiritually and emotionally. She’s now focusing almost all of her energy into the fall Community Unity project, which connects neighbors together through block clubs.

Dominique, a brilliant young girl whose experience was life altering, talked about her experiences with “Mrs. B” and “Mr. Flyfe” and their amazing generosity and how it influenced her to create her own outreach program.

Dominique’s dream is to start a Young Artist Coop, which will be selling local artists work, to give them a chance to not only make money but express themselves artistically.

All of the profiles shown at All Souls on Sept. 3 were not only filled with personal details like interests, they were filled with dreams.

Dreams that Anita’s block club would continue to unite and introduce strangers into friends.

Dreams that their neighborhoods would be safe and loving.

Thanks to communications intern Avery Jones for submitting this story. Avery will provide updates about Embrace Richmond’s program throughout the fall semester.

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