Embrace Richmond had the great opportunity to work with the Shady Hill community last month and introduced them to our community builders training.

Members of the community came together to find out what their strengths were and the most effective ways to put these strengths into action and improve their community.

After all of our community building training sessions, we ask the participants to let us know what they learned and how their perspectives have changed in result.

Here are some of our favorite insights:

The most rewarding thing has been to be able to be an active participant with a team to make the community better.


(This training) helped me to see the community I serve in as a place to see the residents grow and develop their gifts.


I feel like the ABCD model can work for any nonprofit that works in the community.

We are so proud of the Shady Hill community and look forward to all of the change they will bring to their community.

If you are interested in community building training for your community or ministry, e-mail Wendy McCaig at wendy@embracerichmond.org for more information!