We are thrilled to welcome Leroy Jefferson to the Embrace Richmond team!   In his role as the Strategic Implementation Manager, Leroy is providing coaching and support to neighborhood leaders and congregational partners across Metro Richmond.

We first met Leroy though his lovely wife, Angela who serves as the co-leader of the Griffin Block club as well as the leader of our Come-Unity prayer circle.  Leroy and Angela returned to Leroy’s family home in the North Central community roughly two years ago and have a shared heart for this neighborhood.

Leroy spent more than than 30 years working in the business sector as a bio-chemical researcher, a quality control manager and a business owner.  He will be applying his analytical and strategic skills to our Inside Out Community Development process as he walks with our partners who are transforming neighborhoods from the inside out.

Leroy is also an ordained deacon and licensed minister with more than 30 years experience working in the local church and as the director of his own ministry.  Leroy’s unique experience in business and ministry are the perfect match for the opportunities Embrace Richmond has received through our growing partnerships.

Please join us in welcoming Leroy to the team!

If you would like to learn more about the work of our North Central team and the Great Neighbor Revolution that Leroy will be helping to support.  Check out our latest video highlighting this effort.