On September 27, 2016 the “Neighbor Revolution” officially launched.  What started out as a dream birthed out of the success of one block club, became a reality with four new block connectors committing to starting block clubs on their blocks.

We are so thankful to these connectors who accepted the challenge of strengthening our community one block at a time.  We want to officially thank:

Michael Lease 2800 block of Hawthorne Avenue
Maria Carra Rose 2700 block of Edgewood Avenue
Ollie Hill 5300 block of Troy Road
Trayce Colbert-Morris 3000 block of Moss Side Avenue


Research proves that neighborhoods where neighbors are connected, invested and in-control of their community are the ones that thrive.

Block connectors perform four critical foundations.

They CARE:

Connect with their immediate neighbors

Asset map those on their block

Release neighborhood gifts through action teams

Educate their neighbors about community building opportunities


Want to learn more about how to become a block connector:  Contact Leroy Jefferson at (804) 252-7237 or via email at Leroy@embracerichmond.org.