Did you know that 5 of the 10 neighborhoods Embrace Richmond is engaged in are in Chesterfield County?

In the video below, Bonnie Bell, who has served more than 40 years as a social worker in Chesterfield County explains why she believes in Asset-Based Community Development.  


Poverty in the county offers additional challenges.  The counties do not have the same centralized services and the lack of public transportation makes neighborhood-based solutions even more important.

We have been blessed by our Chesterfield partners who have helped to launch development efforts in Broadwater, Crystal Lakes, Ettrick, Winchester Green and Shady Hill Mobile Home Parks.  Unfortunately, only two of these neighborhoods have the financial and staff support they need to move their development efforts forward.  We need your help!

Through our Young Leaders Clubs we are training local youth in how they can support a community development effort in their neighborhoods.

We are so thankful for Bonnie Bell and her role in helping us expand our efforts in Chesterfield County.

However, we need your financial support to help support this expansion in Chesterfield.  During this giving season, we hope you will consider making a financial donation to Embrace.  You can learn more about the Embrace Young Heroes Campaign here. 

Visit our donations page to give on-line or by mail today.