2016 was an amazing year!  

10 neighborhoods, 50 youth, 150 adults and more than a dozen community leaders trained, engaged and connected through community building efforts across the region.

2016 Timeline of Events:

January 2016: 

  • Launched monthly Regional Network Gathering providing on-going training and support for Asset-Based Community Development (ABCD) practitioners across Metro Richmond
  • Broadwater Young Leaders launched first action teams with the support of Chester United Methodist Church: Learn more here

February 2016:

  • Dream Catcher Project launched in Crystal Lakes by our partner Beulah United Methodist Church working in partnership with local youth
  • Partnered with Union Presbyterian Seminary conducting a Mission Shift Trainingfor students and alumni.
  • Launched semester-long StoryCorps internship program with VCU and Union Seminary

March 2016:

  • Partnered with Organizations and Concerned Citizens in Hopewell conducting firstMission Shift Training open to all citizens of Hopewell
  • Partnered with Belmont UMC conducting a Mission Shift Training for church members

April 2016:

  • Partnered with Partnership for Families Northside conducting a Mission Shift Training for their partner network
  • Added Leroy Jefferson to the Embrace Richmond team as our Strategic Implementation Manager

May 2016

  • Launched our 2020 Advisory Team made up of key stakeholders to help us expand to 20 neighborhoods by 2020
  • Launched the Brookland Park Collective bringing together leaders from four neighborhoods bordering the Brookland Park commercial cooridor to work toward community defined goals

June 2016

  • Dream Catcher Project was launched for the second year in Shady Hill Mobile Home Park by our partner Cornerstone Revitalization Center
  • Dream Catcher Project launched in The Cloisters by our partner Unitarian Universalist Church of Glen Allen

July 2016

  • Partnered with Concerned Citizens for Ettrick conducting a Mission Shift training open to all citizens of Ettrick

August 2016

  • Michaela Hinson joined the Embrace Richmond team as our Community Engagement Intern through the VCU School of Social Work

September 2016

  • First Block Connector Training conducted to help fuel the Neighboring Revolution on the north side of Richmond
  • Young Leaders Club launched in partnership with the YMCA and Chester UMC in the Broadwater community

October 2016

  • Launched ABCD and Food Security conversation in partnership with Feedmore to help partner agencies shift their feeding programs toward an Asset-Based Community Development approach
  • Young Leaders Club launched in the Brookland Park area by Embrace Richmond staff

November 2016

  • Chester UMC hosted their second Mission Shift Training in their continued support of ABCD efforts in the Broadwater neighborhood
  • Chesterfield County Department of Social Services sponsored an ABCD Trainingfor County leaders

December 2016

Summary of Achievements for 2016:

  • Adding Crystal Lakes, Hopewell, The Cloisters and Ettrick communities to ABCD efforts in the Metro-Richmond Region brings the total to 10 neighborhoods with ABCD development efforts.
  • The launch of year-long Young Leaders Clubs and Dream Catcher projects for youth in Broadwater, Northside, The Cloisters, Shady Hill and Crystal Lakes brings the total youth engaged in community building to more than 50.
  • The addition of new staff and interns from Union Seminary and VCU greatly increased our capacity to continue to grow Embrace’s community development efforts across the region.
  • We added Union Seminary, Belmont UMC, OC3 in Hopewell , Concerned Citizens of Ettrick, Partnership for Families Northside and Feedmore to our growing list of partnering organizations who are seeking to fuel the ABCD movement!  Through our partner hosted trainings, 150 missions shift participants gained the knowledge and tools they need to transform neighborhoods across Metro Richmond.
  • The development of associations and networks that are bringing citizens together at the block, neighborhood, area and regional levels is providing peer to peer support to the rapidly growing ABCD movement in Metro Richmond.

If you would like to find out more about hosting a Mission Shift training in your church, organization, civic association or agency in 2017, please contact Wendy McCaig at wendy@embracerichmond.org.

If you would like to learn more about our Young Leaders Clubs, Dreamcatcher, or Block Club programs, please contact Leroy Jefferson at Leroy@embracerichmond.org.

If you are interested in financially supporting our development efforts, you can learn more about how to donate here.