Isaiah, a Young Leader, is a hilarious yet quiet young man who lives in Brookland Park. He is excited to join the Young Leaders program. The Young Leaders program begins with a readiness phase that trains all youth in asset-based community development. Isaiah has completed this training. Each Young Leader also receives one on one mentoring. Through this mentoring, Young Leaders are able to share their personal and professional goals. In Isaiah’s case, he shared dreams of becoming a chef, learning about business and becoming more social. Another component of the Young Leaders program is the opportunity for youth to gain hands on experience in community storytelling and organizing. Isaiah is interested in collecting the stories of neighborhood teens with the goal of getting them more active. His next step will be to complete training in community listening where he will begin interviewing long time residents and teens. Isaiah believes that both trainings will not only launch him on the path to getting teens more active but will introduce him to more neighbors-thus making him more social. This is one example of how the Young Leaders program helps teens meet personal, professional and community goals. Please stay tuned and we will keep you posted on Isaiah’s journey as a Young Leader!