Spotlighting Eric Axelson

Eric is the convener of the North Central Civic Association(NCCA) here in Richmond, VA. The term “convener” is truly important to Eric as he doesn’t consider himself someone that “leads” people but someone that brings people together. From Embrace’s time working with Eric we believe this to be true. His ability to rally and motivate his peers is remarkable. He is also extremely humble. One of the main reasons that he got involved in serving his community in this capacity is because of how welcoming the community was to him. He recalled how warm and in harmony the neighborhood felt when he moved in. Embrace is excited to see residents like Eric come forward to facilitate change in their community. We are even more excited to hear his neighborhood set the stage for this engagement in the first place. Whether residents consider themselves leaders or not, neighbors like Eric are what this city needs when it comes to mobilizing resident-led initiatives. We thank you Eric! We hope that you continue to serve and we enjoy supporting you in whatever way we can!