One of our newest Young Leaders is Levon Murray. Levon is someone who has been connected with Embrace since he was 19. Levon is 23 now and we can see his maturity! When he began partnering with Embrace it was through a neighborhood landscaping group led by Embrace’s youth outreach partner, Rudy. That connection grew into Levon joining the Young Leaders program which focuses on teaching youth and young adults about community building. Levon has shared that his dream for his community is that neighbors can learn to be more connected. He shared that he does not know many of his neighbors and does not venture far from his block. He wants to change this. ¬†Levon has been trained in community listening and is ready to gain insight from Brookland Park’s block connectors on building community cohesion.


The other awesome part about working with Embrace is that Levon does not have to leave behind his interest in landscaping.  Embrace is currently creating a structure that allows teens to start social enterprises! Levon has expressed that his long term goal is to be a business owner. Combining his interest in connecting residents, landscaping and business Levon is crafting what he wants his social enterprise to look like and his Young Leaders internship will be customized to fit this vision. Stay tuned on how this unfolds for Levon!