I first told this story the day it happened…

On a sunny day in November, I was on the school bus by Community High School. We were coming from Henderson Middle School (HMS). I was sitting in the back of the bus and my little sister was in the front of the bus. I was 13 and my sister was 11. Sometimes I sit with my 7th grade friends and sometimes I sit with the 6th grade friends that I tutor. I think I was sitting with my 6th grade friends that day.

I was playing until I heard an argument so I look over the seat and saw my little sister arguing with an older boy. I think it was something about Honor’s Class. My sister got mad because she was trying to say she was smarter. But the boy he said he was probably smarter because he was in Honors and she wasn’t.

I asked the boy why he was talking to my sister that way. He said he was trying to explain something to her but she took it the wrong way. I asked her what happen she told me. Then he and she apologized to each other and me.