I’ve been playing football for two or three years. I was one of the starting captains and I was running to take care of a play. I fell and I popped my thumb out of place. I knew it happened right away because it was hurting.

One of my friends used to be mean to me but he came up to me and said “Jahmir, let me help you”. I said I don’t trust you and he said “I got you.” I looked away and he pulled it out and popped it back into place. He wrapped it up and it was fine the next day.

My friends name is Derrick. We had known each other for like, two years. I met him when I first started playing football because he was supposed to be one of the “best”. He played outside linebacker. We became cool friends after that. I started hanging out with him more.

He kept it a secret why he had been mean for like a year, and then he told me. He was kind of jealous because he thought I was a better player and he wanted to be like me. I said, “no, I wanted to be like you because you’re the best on the team!”