When I was a freshman at John Marshall I didn’t really know about homecoming. The school didn’t really tell us about homecoming until the week before – that Friday. Nobody knew and we had to sell enough tickets to have it. But we couldn’t, because no one knew. This year in 2017 we knew about homecoming and everyone was getting ready for the dance on November 4th, saying “Vote for me for princess” and stuff like that.

I was at my house, taking my hair out and I went on my phone for a minute. The first post that came up on Instagram was “the homecoming dance is canceled” so I started texting people. Nobody texted me back but I got to school the next day and heard there was a threat.

An incident had happened at another school where they shot up the bus. So they wanted to cancel our homecoming because someone threatened to shoot up the dance at our school. It didn’t seem fair that our school should cancel something because of someone else’s actions. Then they canceled the game.

I got mad because I really wanted to go to homecoming and I had spent my money on it. I had raised money for a ticket. They said they were going to give our money back but it was crazy that homecoming events were canceled because of someone from another school.

Later on, we heard that our school decided to reinstate the game. The boys were only worried about the game. I was asking the football players what was going on. I was highly upset that we were going to have a game that we could lose. We were playing against TJ (Thomas Jefferson). We didn’t want to lose a game and then not have a dance to go to. How are you going to put the game back on and not the dance? I had already bought a dress. It was a black, long dress that had a little slit. I don’t know what fabric it was but it was cute. I was going to get my hair done and everything. The guys weren’t upset about the dance.

Security said they wouldn’t come to the dance because of the threat. For events, John Marshall usually had police officers. The principal said he wouldn’t have a dance with security not there. We had a lot of stuff canceled the year before because kids was just childish. They never found out who made the threat but it was supposedly a student from the other school. I already knew that nobody was going to do something. Unless it was really happening, at that moment, I wasn’t scared.

I did go to the game but I left. Everyone was actually hyped at the game because we made a few touchdowns. But they still lost. After the game I met my cousin from Henrico at my house.



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