When my children were babies, before they started school, (Honor was 1 and Hope was 2) my family asked me to care for their child. My sister in law, Helen had a friend at work who was having a baby. Her name was Ms. Phipps.  The baby’s name was Emma. She came when she was 6 weeks old, and I kept her until she was 3 years old.

When I got my license, I specialized in babies, infant care.  I hired other young women to help.

Once when I was president of the PTA at JEB Stuart school, Ms. Mildred Bruce was the Principal. It was an exciting time to be among so many beautiful children. This was about in the year 1981, at that time, the community of parents were very present and ready to be a complete faithful part in their children’s activities and adventures. We were as a family. The PTA meeting and activities really had their attention. At this time, I had 2 daughters, Hope and Honor in the schools.  Of course, that added more time and planning—for my daughters and for the PTA. I had suggested to Mrs. Bruce that we could have a mini-math and science center at that school, knowing that all of the children may not get to the big math and science center across town.  We had a fun time with the children at lunch and in the classroom.

When my granddaughter was 4, I volunteered for 6 months in her early childhood classroom.  As a volunteer in the classroom, this was another time to share concern, care and love, to begin education skills. To see the children growing was very special time in my life, and I had the opportunity to see my daughters grow up to be great women!

As you can tell, I am a child’s advocate. I love them.