In the spring of 1956, my whole family moved from 507 N. 25th St. in Church Hill to the Northside. My family included my father, mother, four brothers, and my two children. We moved into one house at 409 Hunt Avenue. It was called the Providence Park Area. There was a playground one block away in a block that used to have a school, but the school had closed. The little kids went to Miriam Scott, the new school, which was on Moss Side Avenue. (Two blocks away was Ginter Park Elementary, which was all white.  I worked in the cafeteria at Ginter for fifteen years.)

The neighbors greeted us and all the neighbors were very friendly. The pastor of Providence Park Baptist Church, J. J. Woodson, came to greet and welcome us to the neighborhood, and invited us to visit the church.  And also, one of the Deacons came to visit, Deacon Robert Evans, who lived in the next block.

I have 2 girlfriends I met then.  One was Eleanor Parham (Jackson) who introduced herself to me.  Then she introduced me to her friend, Carolyn Dowdy (Evans). We are still best-friends today. We are growing old together.