My son, Kyle Jackson, attended Chandler Middle School from 1992 to 1995. While he was there I participated with the PTA. I felt like I was a part of his education.  I could give my input on some of the activities they did at the school.

I remember that we did various activities to raise funds for the kids at school.  One of the ones I remember was a fundraiser in the spring of 1995.  We did a “Fun Day”. We created games using homemade things.  We took empty soda bottles and put water in them and gave people small bean bags to knock them down! We used chalk to draw games on the ground. We sold food. We sold things like popcorn, hot dogs, candy and drinks. It was held on the school playground.

I remember it was a busy day; we started early that morning—it was a Saturday morning. And we didn’t end until dusk.  I remember the people were slow to come in the beginning but, in the end, we had to ask them to leave. It turned out to be a really great fundraiser. We made good money, and I thought it was a really rewarding experience.

This was the beginning of my working with the school system and their extra-curricular activities.  When Kyle graduated from Chandler, he went to high school, and I went with him.  I was secretary of the PTA at his high school—John Marshall High School.

Once he graduated, I was lost. There was nothing left to do! He went on to college at Virginia State University and played football.  For five years, I was in attendance at the games! Now he coaches football at Henrico High School, and I go to those games.  I am the loudest one there!