alcohol diazepam mix rating
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What are the effects of mixing Valium and alcohol? Is Valium overdose possible? Mixing Valium with alcohol effects and risks here. Detoxing is one of the biggest fears of many people suffering from alcoholism. In fact, this fear is what leads many people to mix diazepam with alcohol. Learn the dangers of mixing Valium and alcohol. What are some Valium and alcohol effects? Find out today & seek help if you're struggling with addiction! Mixing Valium with alcohol or drugs, such as opiates, painkillers, sedatives, sleep aids or stimulants can pose serious health risks including overdose. Combining any two substances can have devastating effects on the user, but combining a sedative like Valium and alcohol is extremely dangerous. Alcohol and Valium can be a dangerous combination, even when consumed in low doses, according to WebMD. Alcohol and Valium interact by allowing more of the Valium to ... Is it OK to drink while on medication? ... There are some antibiotics which simply do not mix with alcohol ... such as diazepam/Valium, ... Home › Q & A › Questions › How long after diazepam can I... How long after diazepam can I drink alcohol? Asked ... I would not mix alcohol with it. would 10 mg of diazepam and 2 shots of some 80 proof whatever mix well(meaning make a good high)? how long you kids figure it would last? would it be better to up one ... I do a Answer NO, don't do it, they potentiate each other. this means that diazepam increases the effects of alcohol and alcohol increase the effects.