diazepam in dogs for seizures rating
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Diastat (DYE-ah-stat) is the brand name used in the United States and Canada for the seizure medicine with the generic name diazepam (dye-az-eh-pam). Diazepam, first marketed as Valium, is a medication of the benzodiazepine family that typically produces a calming effect. It is commonly used to treat a range of ... In addition to giving seizure medication, treatment for dogs and cats with seizures should include strengthening the brain and liver with supplements, providing a ... Despite the anecdotally reported benefits of dogs for people with epilepsy, many questions remain. While there is little disagreement that dogs can provide emotional ... Cluster seizures in dogs are the multiple seizures that a dog experiences in a short period of time (such as in an interval of 24 hours). A dog displaying cluster ... Why do some dogs have seizures? Seizures in dogs can be scary to witness. Learn all about seizure disorders and what can be done to help your dog. Learn about canine epilepsy and medications to contol seizures in dogs. Personal responses to your questions. Articles by leading vets. Phenobarbital is the medication that is most commonly used to treat seizures and epilepsy in dogs and cats. There are other medications for canine and feline seizures ... Epilepsy was recognized in ancient times and was undoubtedly one of the "difficult" diseases Hippocrates referred to. Understanding what causes seizures, how epilepsy ...

Dog seizures are life threatening and frightening. Here's what to do if your dog has one.