Brookland Park Young Leaders


What is the Young Leaders program?

Young Leaders is a program available to youth (ages 14-24). This program offers youth year-round opportunities to engage and lead change efforts in their community. The Young Leaders program is framed in asset-based community development’s premise of citizen empowerment and centered around adolescent and young adult stages of social and psychological development.

What do Young Leaders do?

Young Leaders will enhance their connectivity to community and create lasting change. Youth are trained in asset-based community development regarding community listening, storytelling, engagement and organizing.  Through training and experience, Young Leaders will increase their hiring and college acceptance potential. Young Leaders will be able to  engage in and  lead a community project relevant to  needs of their community. They will also receive a modest stipend for their  engagement in a community project or internship. Young Leaders will work alongside an adult action team leader and a  mentor to practice character building while setting and reaching personal and professional goals.

What’s the impact?

Young Leaders will walk away knowing they had a hand in building resilient communities marked by self-efficacy, supports community cohesion and nurtures social trust. This brings a sense of confidence to each participant in the Young Leaders program that is sure to propel them through life.


Contact Kevin Starlings at or (804) 404-3610 for more information.

Current Happenings:

Community Listening and Asset Mapping

Unsung Heroes

Joe’s Bike Shop