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Meet Dominique

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“Imagine the sidewalk being colorful. In one year, the farmers market will be busy and the windows will be full of stained glass. People can walk around when it’s sunny and see everyone’s artwork lined up along the sidewalk.”    This is Dominique Vicks’s vision for the future.   For the past month, with the help of Embrace Richmond and Nomads Deli, Dominique has been working to develop a young artists cooperative on Brooklyn Park Boulevard. With help and inspiration from Will McGuire and Adella Barrett, the young artists co-op has slowly been making progress to improve the local community. By creating a safe space for young artists to display their artwork, the group hopes to also be a creative and positive influence on Brookland Park Boulevard. To learn more about the Artist Co-op, email Wendy McCaig at...
A Peek at Our Present : The Dreamcatcher Outcomes

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Here are the shared dreams that came out of our summer Dream Catcher projects:  North Central Neighborhood: 1. Healthier educational opportunities for junior high and high school students in the Northside area, starting with a listening project to discover what our students would do to improve their educational opportunities. 2. Micro-enterprise development to help fuel the revitalization of Brookland Park Blvd, starting with a young artist co-op that helps our youth turn their talents into a small micro-business that could potentially draw more residents to Brookland Park. 3. A continued desire for greater community unity including honest conversations about race in our rapidly gentrifying neighborhood, as well as an intentional block-by-block community building effort to help neighbors develop deeper connections with one another.   Broadwater Townhomes: 1. More family friendly activities that help neighbors build relationships, such as cookouts, a community garden, prayer team, parent support group, and play groups. 2. Improved recreational and fitness opportunities, such as a basketball court, better access to the weight room, a boxing club, teen-only swim times, an improved playground, and a lifeguard at the pool. 3. More opportunities for youth to excel, such as a robotics workshop and study groups.   Lincoln Mews / North Oak Apartments:       1. Improved relationships between residents through better conflict resolution and increased respect for one another and the neighborhood in general; starting with a row-by-row connecting strategy to help residents build stronger relationships with one another. 2. More community-wide events, such as cookouts, community conversations, and parent support groups. 3. More opportunities for the youth to engage in positive activities, such as an arts...
Explore the Pages from our Past

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It is so hard to believe we are 10 years old! Embrace Richmond was officially incorporated in 2005 and in the ten years since then we have… 1. 2005: We started the furniture bank in response to a homeless woman’s desire to help other homeless families. This endeavor grew into CARTIAS in 2008. 2. 2009: We started an asset-based citizen-driven community development effort in Hillside Court and built a resident-led association called, The Hillside Court Partnership. We handed off the development work in Hillside Court to the Partnership in 2013 and continue to support their efforts today. 3. 2013: We helped residents on the Northside start the Better Together Food Co-op in partnership with Northminster Church.     4. 2013: We helped to strengthen the Brookland Park Area Association by working in partnership with the merchants on Brookland Park Boulevard. 5. 2014: We launched the Great Neighbor Academy that has trained more than 150 community and congregational leaders in Asset-Based Community Development best practices in its first year. 6. 2014: We developed a youth-led community listening project called Dream Catchers, which we expanded in 2015 by mobilizing youth in seven neighborhoods and working in partnership with six community-based organizations and congregations. 7. Today: We are working in partnership with community-based organizations in five neighborhoods who have committed to strengthening neighborhoods using an asset-based community development approach. The best words to describe our past would be innovative and collaborative. But we aren’t done yet! Want to know what’s next for Embrace Richmond? Join us on November 5th, 2015 as we celebrate the past 10 years and look forward to the next 10. Register HERE today to reserve your...
Events Coming to Northside for Artists, Entrepreneurs, and Interested Neighbors

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From budding young artists to learning about starting your own business to helping strengthen local schools, Embrace Richmond is bringing several opportunities to the Northside community in October. Thursday, Oct. 1st: School Strengthening Project 6:30 p.m., Ginter Park UMC, 1010 W. Laburnum Ave. Led by Essie Reinke, this gathering will focus on the hopes and dreams that students have for their schools and how they can help strengthen Richmond Public Schools. Thursday, Oct. 8: Young Artist Co-op 6:30 p.m., Ginter Park UMC, 1010 W. Laburnum Ave. Led by Dominique Vick, whose goal is to have young artists come together to not only sell their work, but to express themselves artistically. Wednesday, Oct. 21: Micro-Enterprise Development 6:30 p.m., 212 West Brookland Park Blvd. Led by Will McGuire, this is an opportunity to learn more about turning your passion into your own business. Explore with others to have fun, create and innovate together. Contact Will at for more information. Thursday, Oct. 22: CommUnity Unity meeting 6:30 p.m., All Souls Presbyterian Church Led by Anita Johnson, this team will explore how to strengthen the North Central neighborhood through a block club approach. Thursday, Oct. 29: CommUnity Prayer meeting 6:30 p.m., Location TBD Led by Mrs. Lavern Winfree and Angela Jefferson, this team will explore how residents can intentionally pray together for the strengthening of their community. To become a part of these efforts or for more information, contact Wendy McCaig at...
Community Reveals Its Dream Catcher Dreams

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“Never underestimate a community that cares” was a common theme at the convening meeting at All Souls Presbyterian on Sept. 3. Lead by the amazing Essie Reinke, a handful of teens decided to help their local neighborhoods as they begin to focus on their future. This past summer Embrace Richmond sponsored a group of teens to connect and communicate with their six neighborhoods. The Dream Catcher Listening Project was created to listen to the hopes and dreams of these local neighborhoods. For over six weeks 21 children individually interviewed their neighbors and made personal profiles for each person. Cherell Williams, a member of the Dream Catcher project, discussed how diverse the neighborhoods were and their separate hopes for the future. She described that while many neighborhoods hoped for a friendlier atmosphere, most neighborhoods main hope was safety and security. “When I think of a neighborhood, I don’t want a group of strangers – I want a family,” she said while presenting her project. She talked about how much she had grown by caring about her neighborhood, spiritually and emotionally. She’s now focusing almost all of her energy into the fall Community Unity project, which connects neighbors together through block clubs. Dominique, a brilliant young girl whose experience was life altering, talked about her experiences with “Mrs. B” and “Mr. Flyfe” and their amazing generosity and how it influenced her to create her own outreach program. Dominique’s dream is to start a Young Artist Coop, which will be selling local artists work, to give them a chance to not only make money but express themselves artistically. All of the profiles shown...