Introducing the Emerging Ministries Learning Community

In neighborhoods across our city, there are people of faith whom God has called to be an agents of blessing.  Some of them are emerging out of the local church context and others have discerned this call out of personal experiences or convictions.  Some live in the communities they feel called to serve and others…

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Introducing the Roving Listeners Project

Embrace Richmond’s fundamental belief is that the neighborhood residents themselves are the primary building blocks for a healthy neighborhood – not community developers, government agencies, churches or non-profit organizations.  Neighborhoods are shaped by the people who live in them.  Neighborhoods with higher levels of civic engagement by the residents are generally healthier than those with…

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What a Year! What’s Next?

Dear Friends, We want to thank all of you who have prayed for, served alongside and provided financial support to Embrace Richmond and the local leaders we support.  It costs an average of $5,000 to launch each neighborhood initiative Embrace supports.  In 2013 Embrace supported more than twenty on-going community initiatives. Our goal is to…

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