Help the Hillside Soldiers Play

Hillside Soldiers is a football league in the heart of Hillside Court that was started because a group of dads cared about doing something positive in the neighborhood where their kids are being raised. The dads had something in common with the boys that live here: football. The boys played for various teams but were excited…

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Deep Run Marathon Dance

We are proud to partner with so many talented and creative individuals throughout Central Virginia, and the young people of Deep Run Marathon Dance (DRMD) are a great example of combining gifts and talents to work for the greater good. In the 2011-2012 academic year, this passionate group of high school students raised over $250,000, and…

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Bikes Needed

On January 2, 2013, our friends at Oak Grove- Bellemeade Elementary School will move into their brand new facility. The school property consists of 6 acres that include a Community Center with gymnasium, exercise facility, indoor pool, and medical offices. The school site also includes the Bellemeade Watershed Project which will include an extensive outdoor learning center,…

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