Current Projects

The Historic Brookland Park Collective

The HBPC mission is to coach, train, connect and support urban creatives and social entrepreneurs of all ages who live, work or worship in the Historic Brookland Park area and who desire to strengthen their community by sharing their gifts and unleashing the gifts their neighbors. Learn More>>>>

Brookland Park Young Leaders Program

The Young Leaders Program was created to engage youth ages 13-24 in community strengthening efforts in their neighborhood. Our goal is to help youth develop marketable skills and advance toward their long-term goals as they help make their community a better place to live. Learn More>>>>

Unsung Heroes Project

This project is funded by Culture Works Foundation. The goal of the project is to use storytelling and the performing arts to help build community unity.  Through the project youth are discovering the “unsung heroes” who have shaped their community and retelling those stories in a way that will help shape the future of the community.  During the project we will create an oral storytelling team, a drama team and a music team. These teams will combine their gifts and share the stories of our neighborhood unsung heroes through public performances in the summer of 2018. Learn More>>>>