I believe as both a Christian and as a citizen I have an obligation to give back to my community.  However, giving blindly, or giving to programs which have repeatedly proven unsuccessful, not only provides limited benefits, it can actually hurt a community by creating dependents.  Embrace Richmond operates with a goal of helping neighbors and communities lift themselves up.  They recognize for any organization to be successful, it takes the will of the people and community it attempts to serve.  Few organizations do this.  Embrace Richmond is one.


Board Vice President

I have continued my financial support because I have witnessed and strongly approve the evolution of EMBRACE from the early days as a furniture bank into Richmond’s leading proponent for Asset Based Community Development.

Jim Allen

Board Member

Embrace Richmond’s vision is to fuel an asset-based community development movement across Metro Richmond. In the past two years we have gone from impacting two neighborhoods to partnering in ten neighborhoods with even more under development every day.

Through our coaching and training efforts we are equipping neighborhood, congregational, non-profit and governmental leaders who are strengthening communities from the inside out.

During 2017 our goals are:

  1. Expand youth development efforts through year-long Young Leaders Programs and engage 24 Young Leaders in community building efforts in thier neighborhoods.
  2. Deepen community building efforts through 24 block clubs.
  3. Expand community impact through 9 citizen-driven, community-defined action teams.
  4. Invest in local leaders by awarding $15,000 in Great Neighbor Grants to support resident initatives.
  5. Link development efforts through Area Collectives in four geographic areas: The Historic Brookland Park area in the Northside of Richmond, the Bellmeade Area in the Southside of Richmond, The North Jefferson Davis Cooridor in Chesterfield County and the Chester Area in Chesterfield County.


With more than 10 years of experience and a track record of having launched more than 50 neighborhood initiatives, Embrace Richmond is a great place to invest your time, talents and resources.

Please join us in our effort to grow great neighbors who build great neighborhoods!

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Mail all financial gifts to:

Embrace Richmond
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