Jim Allen, Board Member

Jim joined Embrace originally as a Board Member in 2006 and has recently returned to serve another term. He has rejoined Embrace because it continues to mesh with his interests of helping people help themselves. In addition, his most current mission-related activities include occasional backup support for programs including church overseas missions, Richmond Friends of the Homeless, CARITAS, Hillside Court and Gilpin Court. Jim started his career in the Paper Industry until 1997 when he became Director, Owner and Treasurer of Sharing Life, Inc., an adult day care facility. Jim has also served as Mission Team Chairperson, and as a member of the Church Council.

“I am convinced that results from our focus on rebuilding Richmond neighborhoods through identifying and enabling local leadership will be more enduring than most current well-meaning, handout charity programs. I have continued my financial support because I have witnessed and strongly approve of the evolution of EMBRACE from the early days as a furniture bank into Richmond’s leading proponent for Asset-Based Community Development. I have been actively involved in our church’s mission programs and want to support training to refocus from giving to long-term community improvement efforts as pursued by EMBRACE Richmond.”