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2016 Year in Review

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2016 was an amazing year!   10 neighborhoods, 50 youth, 150 adults and more than a dozen community leaders trained, engaged and connected through community building efforts across the region. 2016 Timeline of Events: January 2016:  Launched monthly Regional Network Gathering providing on-going training and support for Asset-Based Community Development (ABCD) practitioners across Metro Richmond Broadwater Young Leaders launched first action teams with the support of Chester United Methodist Church: Learn more here February 2016: Dream Catcher Project launched in Crystal Lakes by our partner Beulah United Methodist Church working in partnership with local youth Partnered with Union Presbyterian Seminary conducting a Mission Shift Trainingfor students and alumni. Launched semester-long StoryCorps internship program with VCU and Union Seminary March 2016: Partnered with Organizations and Concerned Citizens in Hopewell conducting firstMission Shift Training open to all citizens of Hopewell Partnered with Belmont UMC conducting a Mission Shift Training for church members April 2016: Partnered with Partnership for Families Northside conducting a Mission Shift Training for their partner network Added Leroy Jefferson to the Embrace Richmond team as our Strategic Implementation Manager May 2016 Launched our 2020 Advisory Team made up of key stakeholders to help us expand to 20 neighborhoods by 2020 Launched the Brookland Park Collective bringing together leaders from four neighborhoods bordering the Brookland Park commercial cooridor to work toward community defined goals June 2016 Dream Catcher Project was launched for the second year in Shady Hill Mobile Home Park by our partner Cornerstone Revitalization Center Dream Catcher Project launched in The Cloisters by our partner Unitarian Universalist Church of Glen Allen July 2016 Partnered with Concerned Citizens for Ettrick conducting a Mission Shift training open to all citizens...
We have reached $10,000 in donations and matching funds which is 30% of our goal!

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  Thank you, friends! To date 15 donors have given or pledged $5,000 in support of the Embrace Young Heroes Campaign.  With the matching funds offered by Financial Consultants of America, that puts us at the $10,000 mark, which is 30% of our goal! Please help us take full advantage of the $15,000 challenge offered by FCA.  Every gift will be matched dollar for dollar if you give now. If you make a monthly pledge, FCA has agreed to match the total gifts pledged for 2017! Could you pledge $10, $25, $50, or $100 a month? Donations of any amount are greatly appreciated. FCA will also match United Way pledges!  Because of a query from one supporter, we learned that you can even re-assign United Way gifts to Embrace Richmond.  Want to know more?  Email Wendy McCaig at THANK YOU to all who have donated so far! You can learn more about our Young Leaders Program here.  Visit our donations page to give on-line or by mail today....
Embrace Richmond’s Expansion to Chesterfield County

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Did you know that 5 of the 10 neighborhoods Embrace Richmond is engaged in are in Chesterfield County? In the video below, Bonnie Bell, who has served more than 40 years as a social worker in Chesterfield County explains why she believes in Asset-Based Community Development.     Poverty in the county offers additional challenges.  The counties do not have the same centralized services and the lack of public transportation makes neighborhood-based solutions even more important. We have been blessed by our Chesterfield partners who have helped to launch development efforts in Broadwater, Crystal Lakes, Ettrick, Winchester Green and Shady Hill Mobile Home Parks.  Unfortunately, only two of these neighborhoods have the financial and staff support they need to move their development efforts forward.  We need your help! Through our Young Leaders Clubs we are training local youth in how they can support a community development effort in their neighborhoods. We are so thankful for Bonnie Bell and her role in helping us expand our efforts in Chesterfield County. However, we need your financial support to help support this expansion in Chesterfield.  During this giving season, we hope you will consider making a financial donation to Embrace.  You can learn more about the Embrace Young Heroes Campaign here.  Visit our donations page to give on-line or by...
Embrace Young Heroes

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Please consider donating on-line here, or via mail at this address.    See other related posts: Young Leaders Clubs: The Journey and The Dream Kalvin Bugg: Embrace Young Heroes Financial Consultants of America to Match Up To $15,000 in...
Young Leaders Clubs: The Journey and The Dream

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In 2012, when Embrace Richmond began doing community building work in the Historic Brookland Park area, one of the top concerns we heard was, “I wish someone would get the young men to stop dealing drugs on the street corners.” Longtime Embrace Richmond resident leader, Rudy Green, shared this dream.  He had been one of those young men when he was younger and had lost much of his adult life to drugs, crime and incarceration. One day Rudy approached a group of young men who were dealing drugs on the same corner at the same time that the High School bus dropped off the neighborhood youth.  Rudy asked the young men, “What is it going to take to get you off this corner?”  The young men answered him, “A job.” Rudy came back to our leadership team and shared the story.  He then proposed that we try to reach young people before they get to that point.  A few months later, Rudy started a mentoring group for young boys.  When we asked the boys if they could do anything to make their neighborhood better for young people what they would do, they said, “Provide a safe place to hang out and provide jobs so we can earn some money.” Over the next few years, Rudy meet with the boys weekly and our leadership team helped Rudy create small job opportunities for these young men.  They started a lawn care service, Embrace funded internships at local businesses, we encouraged our supporters to hire the young men for odd jobs.  However, none of these projects were consistent or sustainable with our...
Kalvin Bugg: Embrace Young Heroes

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I met 19-year-old Kalvin Bugg, AKA Bugg, while out recruiting youth for our young leaders club pilot project in the Historic Brookland Park area. I enticed him to join us with the offer of pizza and a chance to earn some money. That was four weeks ago and already he is proving that young people are the heroes we have been waiting for! This giving season we are inviting you to show your faith in the next generation by sponsoring a young leader like Bugg.  Funds will be used as follows: a third of the funds go directly to the young leaders in the form of stipends a third of the funds go to support weekly young leaders club meetings a third of the funds go to support the development of block clubs that provide support for the community development efforts the youth are engaged in The cost of supporting each of our young leaders is $1,200 a year, or $100 per month. Our goal during this campaign is to raise sufficient funding to support 24 young leaders across Metro Richmond. Would you, a group you belong to, or your congregation consider sponsoring one of our young leaders?  We will be reporting live on Facebook with updates from our Young Leaders and encourage you to “like” Embrace Richmond on Facebook to keep up with the good work of these young heroes. Will you give an emerging leader a chance to be the change they want to see in their neighborhoods?  Donations of any amount are greatly appreciated.  To learn more about the work done by local young heroes check out...
Introducing the Block Connectors!

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On September 27, 2016 the “Neighbor Revolution” officially launched.  What started out as a dream birthed out of the success of one block club, became a reality with four new block connectors committing to starting block clubs on their blocks. We are so thankful to these connectors who accepted the challenge of strengthening our community one block at a time.  We want to officially thank: Michael Lease 2800 block of Hawthorne Avenue Maria Carra Rose 2700 block of Edgewood Avenue Ollie Hill 5300 block of Troy Road Trayce Colbert-Morris 3000 block of Moss Side Avenue   Research proves that neighborhoods where neighbors are connected, invested and in-control of their community are the ones that thrive. Block connectors perform four critical foundations. They CARE: Connect with their immediate neighbors Asset map those on their block Release neighborhood gifts through action teams Educate their neighbors about community building opportunities   Want to learn more about how to become a block connector:  Contact Leroy Jefferson at (804) 252-7237 or via email at