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Good News Report!

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This summer has been an exciting one!  We received a $10,000 grant from Culture Works to deepen our listening and storytelling efforts in the Historic Brookland Park area, through a project called Unsung Heroes.  We also received a $5,000 grant from Bank of America to support the expansion of our Young Leaders Program which many of you financially supported during our year end campaign. As I shared back in April, we also received a partnership grant from VCU to deepen our relationship with VCU and the city of Richmond. We hired Jackie Washington in May to spearhead the Young Leaders and Unsung Heroes efforts and we have recruited and trained six neighborhood youth. This fall they will be capturing the stories of unsung heroes in the Historic Brookland Park area as they begin designing and developing their own community strengthening projects. Please check out our Facebook page for profiles of the youth and the unsung heroes they are discovering. We have also partnered with Bing Bicycle Company to launch a youth-led Bike Shop, named “Joe’s Bike Shop,” which will operate at our All Souls location on Saturday’s from 9:00-2:00 starting Saturday September 2nd. If you have a bike to donate or are in need of bike repairs, visit “Joe’s Bike Shop” at 19 Overbrook Road, Richmond Va. 23222.  Also please “like” Joe’s Facebook page. We are also thrilled to announce that Woodlake UMC will be hosting our Mission Shift Training series in January of 2018.  The training will be open to members of congregations and organizations who are a part of our ABCD network.  Please follow us on Facebook for...
Keeping Up with Levon

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One of our newest Young Leaders is Levon Murray. Levon is someone who has been connected with Embrace since he was 19. Levon is 23 now and we can see his maturity! When he began partnering with Embrace it was through a neighborhood landscaping group led by Embrace’s youth outreach partner, Rudy. That connection grew into Levon joining the Young Leaders program which focuses on teaching youth and young adults about community building. Levon has shared that his dream for his community is that neighbors can learn to be more connected. He shared that he does not know many of his neighbors and does not venture far from his block. He wants to change this.  Levon has been trained in community listening and is ready to gain insight from Brookland Park’s block connectors on building community cohesion.   The other awesome part about working with Embrace is that Levon does not have to leave behind his interest in landscaping.  Embrace is currently creating a structure that allows teens to start social enterprises! Levon has expressed that his long term goal is to be a business owner. Combining his interest in connecting residents, landscaping and business Levon is crafting what he wants his social enterprise to look like and his Young Leaders internship will be customized to fit this vision. Stay tuned on how this unfolds for Levon!...
Embrace Richmond Awarded Culture Works Grant!

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  Embrace Richmond received one of  Culture Works annual grants which will allow us to launch our new project “Unsung Heroes”. Embedded in our Young Leaders program, youth will get a chance to learn about the heroic pasts  of Brookland Park’s longtime residents. We consider these residents to be “unsung heroes.” In the Young Leaders program, youth engage in community listening before they join an action team or begin their own community initiative in order to learn what fellow residents care about. Unsung Heroes provides a creative way for youth to do this. Through creative mediums like verbal and written storytelling, video production and theatrical performances, youth will be able to both learn and share the decorated histories of Brookland Park residents-and have fun along the...
Keeping Up with Isaiah

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  Isaiah, a Young Leader, is a hilarious yet quiet young man who lives in Brookland Park. He is excited to join the Young Leaders program. The Young Leaders program begins with a readiness phase that trains all youth in asset-based community development. Isaiah has completed this training. Each Young Leader also receives one on one mentoring. Through this mentoring, Young Leaders are able to share their personal and professional goals. In Isaiah’s case, he shared dreams of becoming a chef, learning about business and becoming more social. Another component of the Young Leaders program is the opportunity for youth to gain hands on experience in community storytelling and organizing. Isaiah is interested in collecting the stories of neighborhood teens with the goal of getting them more active. His next step will be to complete training in community listening where he will begin interviewing long time residents and teens. Isaiah believes that both trainings will not only launch him on the path to getting teens more active but will introduce him to more neighbors-thus making him more social. This is one example of how the Young Leaders program helps teens meet personal, professional and community goals. Please stay tuned and we will keep you posted on Isaiah’s journey as a Young...