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Embrace Richmond has been engaged in Christian Community Development (CCD) work utilizing an Asset Based Community Development (ABCD) approach for the past decade.

Our work takes two forms – practitioner level and intermediary level.

Practitioner Level – Learning Labs

Our practitioner level work started in 2004, through our work with Richmond’s homeless population, and then expanded into the Richmond ReDevelopment & Housing Authority public housing complex of Hillside Court in 2009.  In 2013, when the development effort in Hillside Court reached maturity it was transferred to a neighbor-led organization that Embrace Richmond helped to form called The Hillside Court Partnership.

In 2013, Embrace Richmond launched our efforts in the Historic Brookland Park neighborhood, initially working through a neighborhood church, then focusing on the commercial corridor, then moving more deeply into the surrounding communities.

These five contexts (homelessness, public housing, church-based, commercial oriented and neighborhood focused) have prepared Embrace Richmond in a unique way to walk alongside other faith-based and non-profit organizations who are seeking to engage in their communities through an asset-based approach.  Each of these contexts have been a “Learning Lab” that has allowed Embrace Richmond to develop best practices in ABCD that are transferrable to other neighborhoods.

Our current “Learning Lab” is in the Historic Brookland Park community. Learn more about our Brookland Park community and our neighborhood-led action teams here. 

Intermediary Level – Embrace ABCD Training Institute

From our inception, Embrace Richmond has sought to be a resource to local churches and faith-based organizations.  Through the Embrace ABCD Training Institute, Embrace Richmond is providing training, coaching and connecting services with the goal of helping churches and non-profits engage in their communities through an Asset Based Community Development approach.  Learn more about our Embrace ABCD Training Institute here.