Embrace ABCD Training Institute


While every neighborhood is unique, Embrace Richmond has identified that all healthy community development efforts follow these five phases of development:

  • Community Listening
  • Community Building
  • Leadership Development
  • Association Building
  • Capacity Transfer

Through the Embrace ABCD Training Institute Embrace Richmond provides congregations and non-profit organizations training and coaching in each of these five phases.


Embrace offers two levels of training in each phase: A two hour overview and 6 – 8 session workshop.

Readiness Phase:  This training is the starting place for any congregation or non-profit organization that is not currently utilizing an Asset Based Community Development approach.

ABCD Overview  (2 hours):  Through the 2 hour workshop we provide an overview of ABCD principles and practices and the paradigm shifts required to successfully move from “relief” models toward more developmental approaches of strengthening a neighborhood.  This workshop is offered through partnerships with local congregations and non-profit organizations.

Shift Training (6-8 Sessions/ 1.5 hour each):  Through our Shift Training series, we facilitate 6-8 sessions focused on the top 10 “shifts” that are required for congregations and non-profits to effectively engage in an asset-based community development effort.  Each session is 1.5 hours in length and each is designed to move participants from simply understanding the shift to actually practicing these ABCD principals in the community.

Community Listening Phase:  Community Listening Overview (2 hours), Dreamcatcher Training  (8 hours)

Community Building Phase: Community Building Overview (2 hours), Great Neighbor Series (8 hours)

Leadership Development Phase Leadership Development Workshop (2 hours), Persons of Peace Training (6-8 Sessions/ 12 hours)

Coaching Services

Embrace Richmond provides one-on-one coaching at all phases of development.


If you are interested in learning more about training or coaching opportunities please contact Wendy McCaig at wendy@embracerichmond.org.