BrandermillEmbrace Richmond seeks to empower resident leaders by connecting them with neighbors, caring volunteers,  supportive partners, and the financial resources needed to support their community development initiatives.

Neighbor to Neighbor Connections:

Embrace Richmond currently provides on-going training, coaching and financial support to community connectors in the Hillside Court, Northminster Area and Brookland Park area.  Community connectors provide on-going coaching and support to residents who are leading initiatives in their neighborhood.

Neighbor to Encourager Connections

Dream Teams are hosted by congregational partners and gather monthly to provide prayer, support and encouragement to neighborhood leaders. For more information about these teams visit our volunteer page.

Neighbor to Funder Connections

Embrace Richmond seeks to support effective resident leaders by providing “micro-grants” which we call “Great Neighbor Awards.”  These awards range from $500 – $1,500 and are awarded quarterly to residents who qualify.  Currently resident leaders must live, work or worship in the following in either Hillside Court or the Brookland Park Area.

If you are interested in learning more about our connecting opportunities, please contact Wendy McCaig at