Wise Guides Series

Wise Guides is a series of stories starring senior adults from the Historic Brookland Park community. This listening project represents the first stage of asset based- community development focused on engaging seniors in the development effort. Bev Key, one of our Young Leaders, shared that it was important for her to listen to the stories, strengths and needs of seniors in Brookland Park. With this, she set out to interview a few seniors and was amazed at what she learned. Some of these interviews can be found below.

Bev shared that she gained knowledge about the history of Brookland Park. Many of the seniors had been living in the community as early as the 1950’s! She also gained advice on relationships and finances especially. One of the trends that she found is that many of the seniors sought to return to the “village” type of communities they grew up with where neighbors connected and cared for one another consistently.  This dream was previously documenting in our “Bring Back the Village” video.

Her hopes for the future are that the seniors in the community are able to form a bond and feel empowered to actively find solutions for their needs-to build community. In fact, the group of seniors have already convened over lunch hosted by Embrace to discuss next steps.

Ms. Annie Farrar- Greatest Accomplishment                                  

       Ms. Gracie- Hopes for Seniors

Jervon- Reflections from youth

Mr. Black-  Memories from the Past

Closing Comments